David's Blog - 2010


December 10th

I have upgraded the core of this site to Drupal 6.x. The previous version 5.x was old and quickly nearing the end of its support. Most functionality has been restored and even a few minor issues corrected.

September 28th

Here's a couple pictures of the newborn kittens a friend and I rescued after its stray mother abandoned them (click "Read More" to see more). Of the five original kittens, only the black has survived (the white one below really was trying but still had to be put down because of necrotic tissue).

Baby kittens are born blind and deaf and are entirely dependent on their mother for all aspects of survival - they can not even urinate on their own. That means it has needed to be fed and stimulated every 2-3 hours, a process that feels like has taken months. Fortunately, now that it's in its third week, it's at least able to be left alone for 6 hours at night. It is now twice its original weight and continuing to grow. I'll post more pictures later.

UPDATE 3/23/2011: "Ninja", the black kitten, is still alive and doing very well. She will play with everything that moves (or that she makes move, if she can not find anything).. and is anything from a purring tribble-like ball of cuteness who crawls on my bed next to me for a nap to a hissing monster rebellious demon-possessed.. well.. you can probably imagine. She's definitely worth the trouble though. :)


I recently heard a comment from someone that said what's the worst that could happen if their computer got infected. After all, so what?

While I won't explain the context further, here's the reality. You can't even pretend to have a secure computer when a criminal has control of it. You might as well leave for work with your front door unlocked or store your keys on the hood of your car. What's the worst that could happen?

It costs you and others money. It can even put people in danger.

Someone who would see nothing wrong with leaving their keys on their car could reasonably be said to have no concept of physical security. Sadly, with computers it seems most people assume their anti-virus software will protect them. When's the last time you updated Adobe Flash/Reader/Java? Did you know that's all you have to do to protect yourself from a lot of attacks? Is Windows Update even turned on? I've helped enough friends with their computers to know that a lot of people haven't installed a single update the entire time they've had their computer. It's fun watching 80 download all at once. Take some simple steps to protect yourself and it might spare you a lot of frustration later.

August 24th

My URL Sniffer now has the ability to download an encrypted zip file of a target URL instead of just displaying the html source (the target URL can be anything including actual executables - encrypted zip files are necessary for submitting malware samples to some antivirus vendors and other legitimate parties, and also to prevent accidental infection of your own computer). Additionally, very simple html syntax highlighting has also been added for the source view.

Check it out:

May 25th

I'm not going to be upgrading my site for a while yet. Right now, I'm hating everything Drupal too much to be spending much time on it. There's a critical bug with duplicate menu items that's a year old? Really?!? And then I couldn't revert back because the cPanel restore script wouldn't restore its own database backup.. so I wasn't sure what I was going to do.. but thankfully at least phpMyAdmin works like it's supposed to. I'm sure there's an official reason for why this critical bug still hasn't been fixed, but all I know is right now my site works with Drupal 5. Why bother fixing what isn't broken?