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August 29th, 2009

July 19th

I created a script that converts malicious addresses into harmless addresses that can be handled safely, and it converts harmless addresses back into their original form. It is also able to clean data provided by certain searches and remove typos when analyzing data that has been provided by others. It accomplishes this using JavaScript so that potentially sensitive information never leaves your network. This script was made for a very specific purpose, so it may not appeal to everyone. It's on the menu to the left as "URL Sanitizer", or you can just click here.

edit: I created an alternative to web-sniffer as well. Sometimes malicious websites will remember previous visitors and return alternate results, but even they can't block everyone.

June 5th

You shouldn't say things about someone behind their back that you aren't willing to say to them in person. Talking bad about someone behind their back is cowardly.

May 11th

I know my picture isn't hard to find.

I kinda like the picture.

So.. what's your point?

You know who you are.

February 1st

I added a web calendar for my schedule. There's a link at the top, but it's not open to the public. Contact me if you want the non-admin login.

January 8th

That's right, when the economy suffers, people buy less porn, so naturally Girls Gone Wild should be on the latest list of congregational bailouts with our tax money:

Never mind the $1.6 million Girls Gone Wild was sentenced to pay for criminal wrongdoing two years ago:

November 4th, 2008

...and I use Linux!

click the screenshot for a full version

Life without walls.

(my response to recent Microsoft ads)

October 30th

I installed a fresh Gallery 2.3 and manually moved my old content from Gallery 2.2.5. View counts have been reset, but the database is no longer corrupt. This should let me finish the California Trip album and some other stuff. You can visit it here:


This update was also needed for Drupal 6 integration, which isn't stable yet (it's one of the last requirements before upgrading my site to Drupal 6). I'm going to hold off on enabling my older Drupal 5 integration until I know it works with the newest Gallery, so some of the links won't work until then.

September 18th

I wanted a line-in for my car, so I bought a LineX transmitter (on right) because a friend had one and it works respectably well. The problem is that it has to be turned off when not in use because it uses batteries. It's easy to forget if stored in the glove compartment, and more easily stolen if left in plain sight.

September 1st

Sorry for the lack of personal updates lately, especially with some people. Last week was a bit hectic with a tropical storm and my car needing work, and this week I haven't been able to sleep more than a few hours at a time. I think it could be that I've been fighting something, so hopefully this will get better, but it's left me in a state of grogginess where my mind is foggy and in no mood to sit down to compose anything. Even my last post here was pre-written. Anyway I'm not sure who's actually reading this, but I just wanted to say I'm working on it.