US Airways flight 1009

UPDATE (2/5/2008): Of course US Airways would delay my flight so that I couldn't be with friends, but at least only their luggage got soaked that way. They also kept me waiting an entire hour for my luggage when I returned. Gotta love US Airways. Anyway here's my original post:

I am on US Airways flight 1009 on December 15'th, from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas, NV. It's my second flight in route from Orlando. My good friends are leaving from Tampa, but they're also on flight 1009, seats 19A and 19C. The point is I just changed mine to 19B, but they don't even know I'm on that flight yet. That gives me all sorts of fun ideas if you know what I mean.

Well, they know now...

I wanted to surprise them at Charlotte, but I need to tell them before check-in so they don't swap seats on me. Unfortunately, that's the only common flight the entire trip.

We'll be spending the week camping, skiing, and other exciting stuff, and will be coming back from Las Angelas, CA early in the morning. This means I won't get much sleep, but I've at least set it up so I can capture more airborn sunset pictures. Something to look forward to.

Here are my itineraries for the interested few:

Depart Flight # From To Arrive Details
5:15 PM 15 Dec 2007 1986 Orlando, FL
Boeing 757-200
Charlotte, NC 6:54 PM 15 Dec 2007 Meal: None
Class: Coach
8:15 PM 15 Dec 2007 1009 Charlotte, NC
Boeing 757-200
Las Vegas, NV 10:12 PM 15 Dec 2007 Meal: None
Class: Coach
Return Flight # From To Arrive Details
7:20 AM 23 Dec 2007 1533 San Francisco, CA
Airbus A321
Charlotte, NC 3:07 PM 23 Dec 2007 Meal: Buy on Board
Class: Coach
4:20 PM 23 Dec 2007 1709 Charlotte, NC
Boeing 757-200
Orlando, FL 5:59 PM 23 Dec 2007 Meal: None
Class: Coach

(and that is one sweet HTML table!)