David's Web Mail (part 2)

You might recall that I restored my web mail form a few months ago. Unfortunately, even though it's a custom script used only on one other website, spammers will stop at nothing to ruin every communication feature on the Internet. The guy managing ACM's website added a CAPTCHA to theirs, so I thought it would be a good idea to do the same to mine after getting a few unwanted emails. Check it out:


It looks the same as the CAPTCHA used elsewhere on this site. Registered users won't see it because there's no need. I also enhanced the email confirmation page so you can't keep refreshing it to send multiple emails. It gives the same confirmation, but with a notice that the email was already sent. Hopefully these changes will prevent further abuse.

In other changes, I recently took over 1 KB off the main style sheet for this site. You shouldn't notice any speed changes, but it's more efficient and easier to maintain.