Uploading Star Wars is Worse than Illegally Exporting Weapons to Sudan

It's always nice to know that illegally exporting weapons to Sudan carries a similar sentence to running a bittorrent tracker. I mean it's unfortunate that the Janjaweed are committing genocide and have driven millions from their homes, but it would be simply intolerable if they also saw a bootleg copy of Star Wars that didn't cost the industry anything.

At least Sweden seems to have common sense when dealing with copyright legislation. "legislation which makes the majority of the adult population criminals must be changed," said Elise Norberg Pilhem of the Left Party's board. And that's not all. Check out what political opponent Annie Johansson, the Center Party's spokesperson on copyright, had to say: "We now see a younger generation questioning copyright more and more, and with that there will be demands for updated copyright legislation. We need a legislation that is accepted by as many as possible."

Oh US when will you learn? I'm sure the MAFIAA is throwing a tantrum right about now. Maybe they'll get their representatives to pass a secret international treaty to stop Sweden (and everyone else)? Things are heating up! Stay tuned.

Sweden political quotes from TorrentFreak: