David's Web Mail (part 3 - aka Honesty Box)

Short version.. I updated my contact form to include an anonymous feedback mode that doesn't ask for your name/email:

Long version.. sardonic Facebook commentary. Read more if you want.

For those who don't know, Facebook added a developer API some time ago to allow third-party application integration. This unleashed a torrent of application invite spam, and some have added so many applications that it is actually impossible to find real information in their profiles.

One of the more interesting applications is the "Honesty Box". This allows friends to send comments to each other that are anonymous except for gender. The purpose is to let you be honest with your friends because they might not like you if you stopped lying to their face.

I thought this was a good idea, but haven't actually added any applications except one that lets me log into my website with a single click. Even that somehow has three users even though I know I'm the only one with a linked account. O.o
(you need an account here before setting it up)

Next, I didn't want to log into Facebook to check messages. I have a hard enough time with that as it is, and we all know nothing on Facebook is really anonymous. Just because they see everything in bulk doesn't mean they don't see anything at all. We have no idea how developers handle information, especially since they talked about adding a reply feature. That means tracking who sent what - not anonymous! Besides, there have been numerous application exploits featured in the Hacker Quarterly. I don't really want to rely on them.

Finally, I didn't think it was very "honest" because it was anonymous. Why not just call it Anonymous Feedback?

Therefore, I just wrote an anonymous feedback form that does basically the same thing, except anyone can use it to contact me, it really is anonymous, and it has nothing to do with Facebook:


I ask that you please use this to tell me your honest opinion of just about anything. I know I don't do everything right and could do better in areas - I also know a lot of you have assumptions about me and most of them are wrong. So.. here's your chance to actually do something about it. Ask anything you want and I'll try to respond appropriately.

Or if you'd like a personal reply, you can still use my normal mail form: