I'm a PC

...and I use Linux!

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Life without walls.

(my response to recent Microsoft ads)

some notes:

This runs acceptably well on my 6 year old hardware + GeForce 4. Notice the two transparent windows - one is a live TV stream seamlessly playing over the video Invisible Children created from Displace Me. The 3D effects have also come a long way and are now properly integrated with the desktop UI. The "Linux Jello" effects don't work, but that is probably caused by graceful fallback for my old hardware. As a result, the memory bugs causing windows to appear completely black are also gone.

Unfortunately, the KDE 4.x branch is relatively new, so it still has a few annoying bugs. For example, KDE 4 supports MacOS X dashboard widgets as well as native plasma widgets, however I was unable to add any that did not come with my distribution, and some important ones are missing. It is difficult to arrange taskbar icons without them overlapping or displacing everything. Panel adjustments are primitive compared to their versatility in KDE 3.5.10. There's also a show-stopper bug that sometimes causes the entire KDE session to freeze forcing a reboot. I encountered this twice attempting to make this screenshot, however it seems acceptably stable most other times.

In conclusion, I echo what others have said about KDE 4.1.2 feeling like release candidate software and not production software. I am definitely impressed, but I have to question Mandriva's wisdom to make the "early adopter" KDE 4.1.2 the default desktop and to only provide KDE 3.5.10 in contribution repositories which are not available during a normal install. The 3.x branch is very stable, which is extremely important in any production environment. Mandriva actually intends to discontinue support as early as their next release in six months. KDE 4.2 is due long before then and will hopefully make for a stronger release platform.

ps: the text file in the screenshot is part of the code I wrote currently powering ACM @ UCF's website. Try using their mail form violating the checks you see here and you'll get the exact same error messages. I don't use Windows to develop anything because Notepad can't even parse *nix line return characters, let alone syntax highlighting, and it doesn't support secure shell and a number of other technologies. I don't feel like installing additional software every time I encounter Windows, assuming that's even possible (eg computer labs). I would just like it to work. :)