ok guys...

I know my picture isn't hard to find.

I kinda like the picture.

So.. what's your point?

You know who you are.

It is a great picture. We

It is a great picture. We like it too. You should be proud.

haha, yup

It was taken on a hike up Corkscrew Peak with some friends in Death Valley during the winter. It took longer than expected, so it turned dark about 2/3 the way back and of course none of us had lights. Then there was a brief scare when one of my friends almost needed to be carried the last mile from nearly breaking his leg, and there's no phone coverage either. Fortunately with my wilderness survival GPS we'll never be lost! (we parked on the side of Daylight Pass road, but it saved us some trouble as the car wasn't visible from where we were because of the terrain). Amazing time really, I'd definitely go again (Sequoia, Yosemite, etc):