View HTTP Request and Response Header

View HTTP Request and Response Header

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The PHP/Javascript implementation for this page has been independently developed by David Martin and has nothing in common with web-sniffer other than some superficial design elements. This scrip was developed for some very specific purposes where custom referrers and greater control over other options were needed. Please be patient if some pages load slowly. I don't know why that happens, but they usually don't time out if you wait long enough. Also remember if using Java as a user agent to try setting the referrer to "none" as often requests from Java will not contain a referrer.

Please let me know if you'd like to see anything added/updated, like newer user-agents, etc.

Links which might be useful from this page:
Wepawet / VirusTotal / VirSCAN

6/10/2014 - Revert previous gzdecode change because it wasn't working, as well as another change that masked this (gzip output wasn't being requested at all). Fix bug hiding the warning that output has been truncated when fetched content is exactly the size of the truncated output (such as when gzip/deflate encoding was disabled).
6/9/2014 - When returned content uses gzip encoding, decode using the faster PHP 5.4.0+ built-in gzdecode function instead of older workaround creating/reading in temporary files via readgzfile.
5/23/2014 - Added IE 10 / Win 7 user-agent and made it default.