(Attempted) website upgrade to Drupal 6

I'm not going to be upgrading my site for a while yet. Right now, I'm hating everything Drupal too much to be spending much time on it. There's a critical bug with duplicate menu items that's a year old? Really?!? And then I couldn't revert back because the cPanel restore script wouldn't restore its own database backup.. so I wasn't sure what I was going to do.. but thankfully at least phpMyAdmin works like it's supposed to. I'm sure there's an official reason for why this critical bug still hasn't been fixed, but all I know is right now my site works with Drupal 5. Why bother fixing what isn't broken?

Here was my original post:

I'm finally attempting to upgrade my site to Drupal 6.x. I'm currently backing a few things up, then I'll be disabling everything so that the core files can be upgraded without breaking. Then I'll update the modules I had been using to their Drupal 6 equivalents, and finally try turning everything back on. I also need to merge some of my mods into new versions of the modules, and it will be complicated by the fact that everything I had done before was for Drupal 5 and must now be ported to a totally new version.

I expect the Capcha on my contact forms to break, and the theme is probably going to need some hacking before I can apply it to Drupal 6. That means I might be using an uglier theme and some things may not work, at least for a while. This is a necessary upgrade however as Drupal 5 is obsolete and nearing the end of its support life.