Newborn Kittens

Here's a couple pictures of the newborn kittens a friend and I rescued after its stray mother abandoned them (click "Read More" to see more). Of the five original kittens, only the black has survived (the white one below really was trying but still had to be put down because of necrotic tissue).

Baby kittens are born blind and deaf and are entirely dependent on their mother for all aspects of survival - they can not even urinate on their own. That means it has needed to be fed and stimulated every 2-3 hours, a process that feels like has taken months. Fortunately, now that it's in its third week, it's at least able to be left alone for 6 hours at night. It is now twice its original weight and continuing to grow. I'll post more pictures later.

UPDATE 3/23/2011: "Ninja", the black kitten, is still alive and doing very well. She will play with everything that moves (or that she makes move, if she can not find anything).. and is anything from a purring tribble-like ball of cuteness who crawls on my bed next to me for a nap to a hissing monster rebellious demon-possessed.. well.. you can probably imagine. She's definitely worth the trouble though. :)



I was getting ready for work

I was getting ready for work yesterday.. and Ninja was sitting in my bathroom shower area staring at me (she's a little neurotic like that.. she hates the shower area if the water is on). I didn't think much of it, but went back into the main part of my room to continue getting ready. I glanced down and she had repositioned into a hamper, and was continuing to stare at me. This is one of those collapsible college-type hampers. She likes to knock it over and crawl inside, so it's impossible to keep it set up in my room. She was currently inside it sprawled out on clothing a few feed from me, the most lazy relaxed look of total contentment ever as she continued watching me put my shoes on. She's really amazing like that sometimes.