Site Upgraded to Drupal 6

I have upgraded the core of this site to Drupal 6.x. The previous version 5.x was old and quickly nearing the end of its support. Most functionality has been restored and even a few minor issues corrected.


Hello this is Jon! I'm at work. Thought you could use a new comment to read.

The sad thing is that it has

The sad thing is that it has taken me this long to check/approve new messages so that they can appear on the site. :/


what's the point of your calendar if you don't even post your work schedule on it so I don't know if to let you sleep or not-


Sorry.. the ONLY reason my

Sorry.. the ONLY reason my current schedule isn't on there is because of a bug in the WebCalendar software which is preventing me from saving updates. I also only got a corrected work schedule myself a few days ago. I'll try to work some time in to update everything, assuming I can figure out why it's not working. It's some kind of permissions problem in an area I don't administer on the server.. /tmp specifically.. so it's got to be some kind of bug. Like I said though I'll need to look into it.