Bob (94) was born in Lockney, Texas on March 14, 1913 and grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. He served in various Army Hospital Units during WWII and married Viola Heron in 1947. They moved to Pryor in 1953 with their 3 children, and continued to live there for 53 years. They have been members of Pryor's First Baptist Church and longtime supporters of Billy Graham Ministries. He was a respected supervisor at work and a loving husband, father and grandfather at home. Bob enjoyed family visits and travel out west.

He is survived by his sister, Helen Horn, and his children, Clifford Martin, Jack Martin and Patricia Martin. He has two grandchildren, David Martin and Jonathan Martin. He follows his dear wife, Viola who passed away March 22, 2007. The Martin family appreciates the care and assistance provided by the local medical community and friends.

I just rebuilt my mail form, so the contact link finally works again. There's still no attachment support, and there's still a few glitches and styling issues, but it's progress. I incorporated the better error handler from the version I wrote for ACM@UCF's website, so it should look VERY SIMILAR:

Glad to see they're still using most of my code. The poor guy said he spent an hour just trying to figure out how to change the 'edit' password. :)

This message wasn't sent using David's Web Mail at

I lost my 64 MB Micro SD card (with SD adapter) somewhere in San Francisco. I don't think there was anything on it, but if you found it (and the text file leading you here), please contact me. I'll be happy to mail you a self addressed stamped envelope, or I could just send you my address. Thanks, it would be appreciated.

Update (1/17/2008): I was hoping that an honest person would find it, but I'm starting to accept the fact that I'll probably never see it again. I know I would have made an effort to return it, but I guess the world isn't full of people like me. Fortunately, none of my trip pictures were on it. I don't have an album up yet because I'm still waiting on others to send me pictures, but expect some progress in the next few weeks.

I had forgotten how enjoyable walking is, especially when it's accompanied by four paws, a tail, and a leash. That's fun, but I wanted to go further. Unfortunately, my dog has a tendency to walk in front of my bike in such a way that it's not very safe for either of us, so I just got some inline skates. I think they're going to be a lot of fun for us both, especially once my balance improves. Apparently they're also good for ski training.

UPDATE (2/5/2008): Of course US Airways would delay my flight so that I couldn't be with friends, but at least only their luggage got soaked that way. They also kept me waiting an entire hour for my luggage when I returned. Gotta love US Airways. Anyway here's my original post:

I am on US Airways flight 1009 on December 15'th, from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas, NV. It's my second flight in route from Orlando. My good friends are leaving from Tampa, but they're also on flight 1009, seats 19A and 19C. The point is I just changed mine to 19B, but they don't even know I'm on that flight yet. That gives me all sorts of fun ideas if you know what I mean.

I finished modifying the slash theme for this website. The default is blue, but registered users can change it:

Here are some close-ups of my new logos:

Keep reading to see the procedure I used to make them. It's scary.

My former hosts at finally decided to return email that I sent on October 16'th. I had asked them to upgrade my hosting to something current, eg not on an obsolete server with 10% of the space for 100% of the price. Apparently, email from their own customers coming from domains they host containing keywords of their own sales terms still gets flagged as spam. Brilliant.

We apologize for the delayed in getting back to you. It was because your email has been tagged as spam and was deleted, but was recovered when we did final deletion of trash emails. Again, we're very sorry.

Well, it's a few weeks late. I'm with now, and I like them better. Thanks for still charging me for another year of hosting though - if you were really sorry, you'd honor your "industry leading ROCK SOLID ANYTIME money back guarantee", but I have a feeling those emails won't get through either.

Edit: They actually tried billing me for the next year after this also. A few emails cleared that up though.

This is what Drupal looks like. I'm not sure if I like it, but I suppose it is better than what had been here. The Gallery2 integration is pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, unregistered users cannot enter a custom name and website, but Drupal 6 should support this. Unfortunately, that's still in beta, and none of the modules I'm using support Drupal 6 yet.

I just really went out on a limb for something. It might have been the wrong decision, but I just know what I'd want others to do, and at least I can rest a little easier now. You know how sometimes you just *know* you have to do something? Like you don't have a choice? Like a higher force puts in on your mind so that there is nowhere you can hide from it until you take action?

THINKING. It's not something I do enough of, and it's something I'm doing a lot of right now. It's not often that I get shaken up with all my core values and fears dumped upside down by something, but I'm re-thinking a lot of things and one of them is that I need to be more honest with people if I want to maintain any kind of useful relationships, and that isn't easy for me.

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