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I'm sure most of you have heard the news by now about Wikipedia blacking out their homepage in opposition to SOPA, or have at least noticed Google's blacked out logo.

If you really want to understand why this matters to you personally, there's a very well articulated lecture by lawyer Lawrence Leesig in an easily watched video. That man is a genius. This is from 2002, but you'll understand SOPA and the Protect IP Act better than most of the news reporters who are currently talking about Wikipedia if you watch it:

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By the way, chief sponsors Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) both have TV/Movies/Music as top supporters. The TV/Movies/Music industry is Lamar's top supporter, and Disney is mentioned by name as one of Patrick's top supporters:

The money trail's not surprising considering that SOPA/Protect-IP suddenly have bipartisan support with 27 Republicans sponsors. This immediately follows virtually unanimous Republicans opposition to Net Neutrality because (the punchline): they don't want to regulate the Net. Do the math.

That's right, when the economy suffers, people buy less porn, so naturally Girls Gone Wild should be on the latest list of congregational bailouts with our tax money:

Never mind the $1.6 million Girls Gone Wild was sentenced to pay for criminal wrongdoing two years ago:

The bad news is my Internet was down most of the day. Storms tend to do that to DSL, but it turns out the line was just unplugged. Doh!

The good news is this thing somehow completely missed Orlando.. the strangest prediction route was actually the most accurate. But.. you know even if it had hit us, I still wouldn't have cared. It's not even a hurricane yet (it's supposed to strengthen and come back way north of us). I'm totally desensitized after the 2004 season. Charlie knocked out our power for a week, Francis for the better part of a day, and Jeanne actually did a complete loop in the Atlantic before nailing Orlando for the third time in six weeks. I just slept through that one. pfft.. don't even tell me unless it's a Category 4. Seriously.

8/12/2004 - Charlie

8/12/2004 - Charlie

8/12/2004 - Charlie

9/1/2004 - Francis

9/24/2004 - Jeanne

9/24/2004 - Jeanne

In other news, President Bush made a statement today that because of the diversity in America, all nations should be rooting for the US in the Olympics. "When we win, you all win!" (ok not really, but it would be amusing)

ps: I forgot that I had set the site slogan to "cones, cubes, spheres, and more!" from Cheesy Invaders. "It's the cheesiest!" I think it's funny though, so it's staying on my news feed.

It's always nice to know that illegally exporting weapons to Sudan carries a similar sentence to running a bittorrent tracker. I mean it's unfortunate that the Janjaweed are committing genocide and have driven millions from their homes, but it would be simply intolerable if they also saw a bootleg copy of Star Wars that didn't cost the industry anything.

Bob (94) was born in Lockney, Texas on March 14, 1913 and grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. He served in various Army Hospital Units during WWII and married Viola Heron in 1947. They moved to Pryor in 1953 with their 3 children, and continued to live there for 53 years. They have been members of Pryor's First Baptist Church and longtime supporters of Billy Graham Ministries. He was a respected supervisor at work and a loving husband, father and grandfather at home. Bob enjoyed family visits and travel out west.

He is survived by his sister, Helen Horn, and his children, Clifford Martin, Jack Martin and Patricia Martin. He has two grandchildren, David Martin and Jonathan Martin. He follows his dear wife, Viola who passed away March 22, 2007. The Martin family appreciates the care and assistance provided by the local medical community and friends.

This might be a bit harsh, however I believe that the Academic Enhancement Program itself is so offensive that it deserves a stern response. SGA unanimously rejected the Academic Enhancement Program, but a few greedy administrators are practically drooling at the prospect of an additional $48 million each year. Help us put an end to their madness by reminding them that the vast majority of students are opposed to this, and the university only exists to serve our needs. The most important links are spelled out as a full URL. Please don't continue reading without pausing to read those.

Money going down the drain (larger)

Amid a state budget crisis that is forcing UCF to cap enrollment and freeze hiring faculty and staff, it's always nice to know that UCF is using our money wisely.

Like paying President Hitt $450000/year plus benefits so his salary can stay competitive with other university presidents, who must, in turn, raise their own salaries to stay competitive, and so forth ad nauseum.

Then there was the $849000 that UCF literally threw away by firing Kruczek despite his contract, and the $2.6 million they paid to break athletic conference contracts (source). Or the $700000 - $1.1m/year they have to pay Kruczek's replacement (O'Leary), who made a dazzling entrance with five straight losses.

Or there's the expensive stadium that the Board of Trustees unanimously approved despite concerns from residents, all for a team that (at the time) was famous for a 17 game loosing streak.

But whenever there's a budget "crisis", it's always nice that UCF has it's number one crutch to fall back on - fee increases.

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