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I just rebuilt my mail form, so the contact link finally works again. There's still no attachment support, and there's still a few glitches and styling issues, but it's progress. I incorporated the better error handler from the version I wrote for ACM@UCF's website, so it should look VERY SIMILAR:

Glad to see they're still using most of my code. The poor guy said he spent an hour just trying to figure out how to change the 'edit' password. :)

This message wasn't sent using David's Web Mail at

This form handler was not meant to be called directly. Please use the Contact Me page instead.

I lost my 64 MB Micro SD card (with SD adapter) somewhere in San Francisco. I don't think there was anything on it, but if you found it (and the text file leading you here), please contact me. I'll be happy to mail you a self addressed stamped envelope, or I could just send you my address. Thanks, it would be appreciated.

Update (1/17/2008): I was hoping that an honest person would find it, but I'm starting to accept the fact that I'll probably never see it again. I know I would have made an effort to return it, but I guess the world isn't full of people like me. Fortunately, none of my trip pictures were on it. I don't have an album up yet because I'm still waiting on others to send me pictures, but expect some progress in the next few weeks.

I had forgotten how enjoyable walking is, especially when it's accompanied by four paws, a tail, and a leash. That's fun, but I wanted to go further. Unfortunately, my dog has a tendency to walk in front of my bike in such a way that it's not very safe for either of us, so I just got some inline skates. I think they're going to be a lot of fun for us both, especially once my balance improves. Apparently they're also good for ski training.

This is an audio clip I came across the other day. This kid is wiser than many of my university professors. He's even wiser because, "sometimes I don't think I'm wise. Trust me, I've done a lot of stupid stuff, but I've learned from it." The host laughs because we've all been there. Listen to the attachment because we should all follow this kid's advice.

UPDATE (2/5/2008): Of course US Airways would delay my flight so that I couldn't be with friends, but at least only their luggage got soaked that way. They also kept me waiting an entire hour for my luggage when I returned. Gotta love US Airways. Anyway here's my original post:

I am on US Airways flight 1009 on December 15'th, from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas, NV. It's my second flight in route from Orlando. My good friends are leaving from Tampa, but they're also on flight 1009, seats 19A and 19C. The point is I just changed mine to 19B, but they don't even know I'm on that flight yet. That gives me all sorts of fun ideas if you know what I mean.

This mail form currently does not work because of changes in the CAPTCHA (anti-spam) module during the upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. It was a pretty big hack job getting it to work on the previous version, and since they changed the way it works it might be some time before I manage to get it working here again. Turning the CAPTCHA off until then is not an option. So, basically this mail form is down for the indefinite future thanks to spam bots.

Welcome to my mail form. I'll receive this as a normal email, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I can email anyone from this form, but your options are limited for security.

You might prefer my anonymous feedback form.

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Please hit send once and be patient. If you get an error, please try again. Please include real contact information or I won't be able to reply. If you have not heard back from me within four to seven days, please try again.

I am now using GMap-Track (legacy)

That means you can now see exactly where I am in real time (or the last time I ran MGMaps) by clicking here. Whoa, now Big Brother really can spy on me. For free!

Note: for security, I will never update this to show my home address. So, you can't use this to find where I live or work.

All content is tagged public, nonpublic, fr-secret, fa-secret, or unpublished. You'll see one of these at the top of each message, like this one. This is what they mean:

public: This content is visible to everyone.

I realize that most people won't register, so most content is public. Unfortunately, this version of Drupel doesn't let anonymous users enter a name or homepage, so I request that you leave that information in the comments. It won't be considered spam.

I finished modifying the slash theme for this website. The default is blue, but registered users can change it:

Here are some close-ups of my new logos:

Keep reading to see the procedure I used to make them. It's scary.

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