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My former hosts at finally decided to return email that I sent on October 16'th. I had asked them to upgrade my hosting to something current, eg not on an obsolete server with 10% of the space for 100% of the price. Apparently, email from their own customers coming from domains they host containing keywords of their own sales terms still gets flagged as spam. Brilliant.

We apologize for the delayed in getting back to you. It was because your email has been tagged as spam and was deleted, but was recovered when we did final deletion of trash emails. Again, we're very sorry.

Well, it's a few weeks late. I'm with now, and I like them better. Thanks for still charging me for another year of hosting though - if you were really sorry, you'd honor your "industry leading ROCK SOLID ANYTIME money back guarantee", but I have a feeling those emails won't get through either.

Edit: They actually tried billing me for the next year after this also. A few emails cleared that up though.

THINKING. It's not something I do enough of, and it's something I'm doing a lot of right now. It's not often that I get shaken up with all my core values and fears dumped upside down by something, but I'm re-thinking a lot of things and one of them is that I need to be more honest with people if I want to maintain any kind of useful relationships, and that isn't easy for me.

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